2024 International Student Admission Applications

The announcement regarding the admission of international students for the 2024-2025 Academic Year has been shared on the International Associate/Undergraduate Student Office website. You can access the announcement using the link shared below.


2024 International Student Admission 

06 May 2024

Start of Applications (Office of the Registrar Web Page)

01 July 2024

Announcement of I. Placement Results

01 August 2024

Announcement of II. Placement Results

23 August 2024

Application Deadline

02 September 2024

Announcement of III. Placement Results

16 September 2024 (Time:10.00)

Compulsory Turkish Preparatory Class Exemption Exam

Registration Date: These are the dates written in the LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE after the announcement of the placement results. Candidates, who do not register within the specified date range, are deemed to have given up their right to register and cannot claim any rights.


Application Address: https://obsogrenci.karatekin.edu.tr/GenelAdayLogin

During the applications, candidates will be asked to declare the results for Türkiye International Student Admission Exam (TR- YÖS) by ÖSYM or the document showing the CGPA for their secondary education.

The application will be based on the information declared by the applicants. In case of false statements, the application will be null and void even if the student is placed and complete his/her registration; furthermore, legal action will be pursued.


1. Applications will be made at https://obsogrenci.karatekin.edu.tr/GenelAdayLogin web address.
2. The application will be complete following the approval of our University.

All the responsibility concerning the consequences arising from inaccuracies in the information entered/uploaded in the Application Form or in the preferences belongs to the candidates.


1. Placements will be made by the Foreign Nationality Student Admission and Placement Commission, considering the candidates' score, preferences and quotas of the programs. Priority will be given to applications with the Turkish Foreign Student Admission Examination (TR-YÖS) by ÖSYM.
2. The university is free to fill its quotas or not.
3. The candidate, who wants to be placed in programs that take students with a special talent exam must also take the special talent exam to be held by the relevant academic unit.


The final registration of the candidates is to be made after checking whether they have the legal right to enter and stay in the country. Candidates who do not meet this requirement will not be registered even if an acceptance certificate is issued.

Final registrations will be made at Çankırı Karatekin University Student Affairs Department at the Uluyazı Campus ÇANKIRI between the dates written in the ACCEPTANCE Letter following the announcement of the Placement Results.


1. Photocopy of the ID or the passport page bearing personal information certified by the Turkish Consulates or the Embassies in their country,
2. The Original of “the Certificate of Equivalency” proving its equivalence to the Diplomas granted by Turkish High Schools,
3. Four (4) photographs 4,5 cm x 6 cm in size taken within the last 6 months,
4. The Original of High School Diploma or the Turkish Translation of the High School Diploma certified by the Turkish Consulate or the Embassy in their country,
5. Original of the Grade Point Average document (Transcript) and the Turkish translation approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country,
6. A document proving the applicant’s financial means to continue his/her study and the contact information for the institutions and people issuing the document.
7. A Report of Health Clearance for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.


Fees for the International Students will be published on our WEB site.

Çankırı Karatekin Üniversitesi Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığı (Registrar’s Office)

Uluyazi Campus,

Phone: 0 (376) 218 95 66

Fax: 0 (376) 218 95 67

E-mail: yos@karatekin.edu.tr

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